Sunday, September 28, 2008

Visiting Roman Baths or Aquae Sulis - the Roman name for Bath

Salve! ( That's Hello in Latin)
Inside the Roman Baths
The Roman Temple of Bath
The temple is the one of the 2 classical temples known from Roman Britain. The temple was built to house the cult statue of the goddess Sulis Minerva, the gilt-bronze head of this statue is on display in the museum.
The great ornamental pediment from the temple has been re-erected in the museum and carries an image of a bearded face carved in local Bath stone. It is the Gorgon’s head, a symbol of Minerva that also resembles other water gods like Oceanus and Neptune. Its sun-like appearance may represent the heat of the sacred spring.The Gorgon is encircled by surrounded by wreaths of leaves and surrounded by winged victories. The owl and the helmet at the bottom of the pediment symbolize Minerva's responsibility for wisdom and war.
The museum at the Roman Bath has an outstanding collection of international significance.

This stone head of a lady dates back to the the 1st Century AD and was recovered from a tomb. Note the hairstyle that was very popular during that time.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bath - Roman Baths

The Roman Baths in Bath in Somerset, UK is a major tourist attraction and were constructed by the Romans when they came to Britain in 43 AD. This is Britain's only natural hot spring,
This hot water spring which brought over one million litres of hot water to the surface every day was found by the Romans as they advanced west into England. They built a reservoir, baths and a temple. Soon a town grew around this complex. These springs were considered sacred by the Romans and an alter was built so that animals could be sacrificed to the Gods.
View from the terrace overlooking the Great Bath
The terrace is lined with statues of Roman Governors of Britain, Emperors and Milatary leaders . The statues date to 1894, as they were carved in advance of the grand opening of the Roman Baths in 1897 View of the main bath
The statue of Prince Bladud , the legendary founder of Bath has presided over the Kings Bath since the 17th century.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bath - Bath Abbey

At the heart of the city of Bath, stands the Bath Abbey - founded in 1499. During the last 10 centuries, three churches have stood on the site where the present church is. The Bath Abbey is an architectural beauty and is the last in a series of monastic churches built in England.

Street in front of the Abbey
Impressive and beautiful front of the Bath Abbey
Ranjila, Anita and Utsav in the streets of Bath
View of the Bath Abbey from the Roman Baths

France - St Pierre en Vaux

Enjoying a warm lazy afternoon with friends .

Monday, September 15, 2008

France - Artists

Richard has an art studio in one of the numerous caves that exist in the region. These caves were formed when mining was done in this region for the chalk stones which were used for building homes.
These caves run into thousands of kilometres and most are connected. In the early 18th century, a no of these caves were used as dwellings for people in this region.

Richards Cave Art Studio. Richards paintings can be seen on his website -
Entrance to the Cave Studio
Richard's other studio where he does his special prints

16th Century building where the studio is located

France - St Pierre en Vaux

The area arount St Pierre en Vaux is green , surrounded by trees and smells fresh

Sunday, September 14, 2008

France - Loire Valley

The Loire Valley runs along the Loire river - the longest river in France. It is the largest wine growing area in France and the 2nd largest for Sparkling Wines.

A family run restaurant near St. Pierre en Vax where you can get some good wine and delicious food.

Views of the Landscape
Front of an old building in one of the villages

Friday, September 12, 2008

France - Saumur Wine

Saumur is a town in the Loire Valley on the Loire River. The Loire Valley in Centre West of France
is considered to be one of the most beautiful French Wine Regions. The region follows the Loire river, starting in the Auvergne and Massif Central and finishing in the Atlantic coast around Nantes city. The landscape of the region is undulated and scenic.
In Saumur, wine makers use caves carved out of the chalky soil of the hill sides to rest and mature the wines. It is estimated that the combined length of these caves extend to over 10,000 Kms.
A visit to one of these cave wineries is a must.
Saumur produces excellent sparkling wines. The chalky soil and caves gives this special quality.
Other wines produced here are the red , dry white and rose wines. Red wines are fruity and light.

Winery in the Saumur Area

Interior of one Cave Winery

Tasting Wine

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

France - Church Art Exhibition

9th August, 2008
France is a country that loves and appreciates art. Art exhibitions are held not only in big cities but also small remote villages. This local church was holding an art exhibition when we visted.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

France - At home in St Pierre en Vaux

Village cottage in St Pierre where we stayed. Beutiful location with wide open spaces and
a forest at the rear.