Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eating in London - The Dickens Inn

If you are visiting London, The Tower of London would certainly be on your ternary. After a few hours (that's the minimum time you will spend here) and as you move out the exit you will notice the magnificent Tower Bridge on the river Thames on the right. Just beyond the Tower Bridge are the Docklands - St Katherine's Docks. On the banks of the harbour and overlooking the Tower Bridge and the harbour is this picturesque restaurant - The Dickens Inn - a place popular with both the locals and tourists.
The Dickens Inn in London
Tracing its origin to the early 17th century when this building was a warehouse, it was moved from its original position to a new spot and converted into a traditional London pub. Whereas the place has 3 specialist restaurants, the most interesting is ' The Tavern Bar ' a traditional English Pub and the Beer Gardens ( which are really a part of the Tavern Bar)  where you can enjoy some traditional English food with beer.
At the Beer Garden with Fish & Chips and Beer.
If you want to enjoy the warm sunny London summer day , choose one of the beer gardens. Collect your beer from the bar and place your food order - the food will be served at your table ( you will need to choose your table first ) . My choice was the traditional fish&chips which is served with a selection of sauces  and beer. The fish was excellent as was the beer.
Pigeons enjoying a bite at the pub.
A walk around the area after a bite at the pub is very pleasant  with some lovely views of the harbour with its boats.
The Harbour with it's Yachts
One of the many interesting boats anchored in the harbour.

My vote is  a definite YES for  visit to this charming English pub and a stroll around the area

The Address :
The Dickens Inn
Marble Quay
St Katharines Way
Tel 0207 488 2208
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

London Eye

Was in London on vacation last  week and since I was staying near the County Hall, managed numerous visits to one of the most popular landmarks of London – The London Eye.  The County Hall which till 1986 was the seat of the Mayor of London has now been converted into a hotel - The Marriot. And next to the county hall are 2 of most important landmarks of London - Westminster and The London Eye,. londoneye5606mThe London Eye, . towering at a height of 135 metres, is the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the world and attracts over 3,5 million visitors a year.LondonEye5639m Shot of the London Eye from the Westminster Bridge
The London Eye is the most popular paid tourist destination in the UK. Situated on the south bank of the river Thames, it is located between the Westminster bridge and the Hungerford bridge.
The London Eye at Night
In the summer months of July and August, the London Eye is open till 9.30 at night giving one an excellent opportunity to have a birds eye view of London at night. Particularly spectacular are views of  Westminster and Big Ben overlooking the river Thames.
The London Eye has 32 air conditioned capsules which can hold 25 people each and weighs  10 tonnes. The capsules are designed such that one can easily move around to get views from all angles.The capsules move at a speed of around 10 in per second and takes around 30 minutes to make a full revolution. Since the speed is slow, people alight and get on to the capsules while moving.
 A capsule of the London Eye
The capsules are fixed on a rim which is supported by spokes resembling the wheel of a cycle. An interesting fact is that different parts of the wheel were produced in various European countries - steel from UK, cables from Italy, bearings from Germany, the spindle and hub from Czech Republic.

If you are visiting London and haven't visited the London Eye ,do plan a visit and ride on this most interesting landmark. To avoid ques, book tickets online.
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shanghai and it's buildings

Shanghai is a city of contradictions. You will see the ultra modern Shanghai with building reaching into the sky , the tops of which disappears into the clouds  on a cloudy day
This office building is located in the commercial section of Shanghai. Building vie with each other in height and the skyline of city is a series of tall skyscrapers.
These modern buildings are hotels overlooking the central square on Nanjing Street.
Spires and Domes are a favourite in this part of Central Shanghai
By Night
Another view at Night
The tallest building in Shanghai, this one houses the Hyatt Hotel from the 85th Floor onwards. Taken on a cloudy night, note that the top of the building disappears into the clouds.