Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Royal Palace - Madrid

The palace is built entirely of stone - granite from the Sierra de Guadarrama and white Colmenar stone. Massive foundation walls support the building on the steep slope down to the Manzanares which is laid out in gardens (the Jardines de Sabatini to the north, the Campo del Moro to the west). The impression of imposing and unapproachable majesty which is conveyed by the palace is reinforced by the massive substructure of finely dressed ashlar with small windows. An intermediate floor, also with small square windows, forms a transition to the main structure. The balconies of the principal apartments are separated by Ionic columns and Doric pilasters. Above the main floor is another intermediate floor without openings, and above this again a final floor with windows. The facade is topped by a balustrade of white stone with statues of Spanish kings

The main front is on the south side, facing the Plaza de la ArmeriĆ a. Like the other fronts, it bears the royal arms
Close View of the Coat of Arms on the Front of the Palace

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  1. Great details and photos. Makes one want to visit