Saturday, August 23, 2008

Madrid - Retiro Park

July 20, 2008
A visit to the Retiro Park in central Madrid in the morning can be a relaxing experience. Built in the early 18th century ( 1868) by King Phillip the IVth as a retreat for the Royal Spanish Family. the park is spread over 360 acres and has a lake in the centre and another small lake on the west side. There are some beautiful buildings in the park including a museum.

The park is a very popular place , particularly on weekends where families come for picnics and leisure. The park has beautiful gardens which offer a place for respite and relaxation. It also has numerous statues but probably the most well known is the El Angel CaĆ­do. It is dedicated to Satan, possibly the only such statue in Europe.

The Retiro is also a favourite place for performing artists and includes street theatres as well as performing musical bands which also take this opportunity sell there music on CD's

Street Performers in the Park

Relaxing in the Park

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