Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Crooked House of Windsor

One building that you cannot miss as you walk down the road in front of Windsor Castle and turn left from the Statue of Queen Victoria is THE CROOKED HOUSE OF WINDSOR. This building is historically know as the Market Cross House and was built in 1592. This was however destroyed in early 1600 because of a dispute on ownership. Shortly however a new building came up on this site.
In 1715, this new building needed to be restructured. However because of the unseasoned green oak that was used, the building acquired it's famous tilt. The crooked house is said to have a secret underground passage to the Castle which it is rumoured was used by King Charles and his mistress for their meetings. This passage is now blocked and cannot be accessed from either side.
The Crooked House of Windsor is now an English Tea House where you can choose from an wide
range of traditional British Food.

View of the Crooked House from the front

The Mayoral Building next to the crooked house.

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