Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nottingham to meet Puja

150 Miles north of London is the city of Nottingham - famous for the semi mythical Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. Nottingham has a sizable student population and is home to 2 universities - The University of Nottingham and the Trent Nottingham University. This would also account for the large over 20,000 student population in Nottingham. We travelled down to the city to meet Puja who is doing her PHD at the university.

At the heart of the city, is the Old Market Square which is an open town square of over 22,000 sq mtrs and is the largest such surviving in England. The front of the square is dominated by the Council House which serves as the City Hall.

The Old Market Square is built with three shades of granite. The central open space is a light coloured granite, with white, beige and dark grey granite used for the fountains, terraces and flowerbeds. A new water feature dominates the west side of the Square, with jet fountains and waterfalls. These water features can be turned off if required, allowing a amphitheatre-like seating area to be created for shows and concerts

Top Facade of the Council Hall

Puja, Anita and Utsav at the square

Anita and Utsav enjoying the comfortable train ride back to London

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