Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Christmas Dinner

This year too like always, the family got together for Christmas. It's an evening of fun - eating, drinking and remembrances with a little bit of family politics thrown in. Sanghi and Vatsal who have just moved into their new flat after marriage decided to get brave and invited us all for the traditional Christmas Dinner .Nallin and Raveen share a joke with Utsav and Kavi looking on
Vatsal took charge of the barbecue and turned out a lot of burnt chicken tikkas and kababs - though by the end of the evening we all agreed that he had mastered the art of barbecuing .
Vatsal enjoying a joke Vatsal's Barbecue
Zareen's white hair is natural - though it is always a subject of speculation !

Kavi thinking of a suitable retort to some leg pulling
Raveen is a diabetic and also suffers from high BP - but that does not prevent him from enjoying his meals and drinks.

Mother and daughter Utsav and Kavi Angad and Utsav have one thing in common - they love to party all night which i suspect could be quite wild and a family get together is not exactly what they look forward to but Angad seems to be making the best of it !!
Ray in his stately dress

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