Friday, July 9, 2010

An Evening in Shanghai

Was in China recently on a business visit and spent a few days in Shanghai. Took the daytime Air India flight to Shanghai - a very comfortable 6 hours - arriving at 8 PM. If you are in Shanghai, the place to stay in is around Nanjing Street - the all pedestrian street with great shopping  dining and night life. 
A rain soaked morning at Nanjing Street 
The street is a beehive of activity at all times and even rain is not a deterrent. The action starts early morning when the central square on the street comes to life with live perfomances of aerobics, musical concerts and much more.
 Tourists enjoying a toy train ride
Nanjing Street is probably the most action packed street in Shanghai and comes truly to life in the evenings when hordes descend for a few hours of shopping and entertainment. Being an all pedestrian street, it is a pleasure to move around in this area and if you are shopaholic, this is the place to be in.

 Nanjing Street is a riot of lights as night sets in. Whereas the place is bustling with activity and people, it can get a bit tiresome with the crowds all around . Shopping , though can be great and you could land up with some fantastic bargains.

If you are visiting Shanghai, I strongly recommend you stay in this area. Amongst hotels, my recommendation - Central Hotel at Jiujiang Road. Fantastic location, great large sized rooms with a seperate living room, well priced - rates from $180 upwards and if you are lucky you could get a room with a view of the central square where action starts early morning.


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