Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shanghai and it's buildings

Shanghai is a city of contradictions. You will see the ultra modern Shanghai with building reaching into the sky , the tops of which disappears into the clouds  on a cloudy day
This office building is located in the commercial section of Shanghai. Building vie with each other in height and the skyline of city is a series of tall skyscrapers.
These modern buildings are hotels overlooking the central square on Nanjing Street.
Spires and Domes are a favourite in this part of Central Shanghai
By Night
Another view at Night
The tallest building in Shanghai, this one houses the Hyatt Hotel from the 85th Floor onwards. Taken on a cloudy night, note that the top of the building disappears into the clouds.

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  1. Very nice pictures, I also like Shanghai. We visited the Jin Mao tower.