Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Amazing Covent Garden in London

Street performers, bars, restaurants, shops and theatres - that is Covent Garden. Situated in the heart of London's Westend, Covent Garden would probably be the most lively and action packed entertainment and leisure destination in London.
The Covent Garden Piazza
The area of Covent Garden consists of  an Italian style central  piazza which is dominated by what orignally was the fruit and vegetable market surrounded by bars, restaurants and fashionable boutiques.
The Apple Market
Built in 1632 by Inigo Jones, the Covent Garden market is a large glass covered building comprising os several arcades of high fashion boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants and a plethora of arts and crafts. The Apple Market which is a part of this unique market does not sell apples !! It is estimated that 30 million tourists visit this famous tourist destination.
The Covent Garden Market
Covent Garden attracts street performers from all over. You will see numerous mime artists, musicians, jugglers and others entertaining the tourists in the central square. Dont be surprised if a statue springs to life as you approach it and reaches out towards you. This is just one of the acts that you will come across.
Pirot !!!
Another scene of Covent  Garden

So if you are in London , head for Covent Garden , have a drink at the numerous bars in that area, watch a street performance , shop at one of the fashionable boutiques and in the evening take in the theatre. You could end it with dinner at Belgo !

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