Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beaches at Bentota, Sri Lanka

At Bentota we wake up to the gentle sound of waves breaking on the golden sandy beaches. In the month of February, the mornings are cool and a long leisurely walk - bare footed - is a pleasure. The time to visit Bentota is between November and March - the best time being December and January when the weather is really pleasant.
Take a deep breath, soak in the clean environment, wade into the clean blue water and let your senses drift.
Morning is when other living animals too make their appearance on the beach. Crabs of different colours and hues can be spotted on the rocks .
And of course the omnipresent Crows which are present in abundance in Bentota can be seen at any time. These crows are also the biggest threat to the baby crabs and newly hatched turtles on which they feed.

The beaches at Bentota are safe through the year for swimming and surfing. Most of the swimmers and surfers visible at the beaches are tourists.
There are also a host of water activities that are popular which include wind surfing, water skiing and para sailing, riding on the fishermen boats, cruises on the Indian ocean and the the Bentota river and of course the most enjoyable of them all - swimming in the clean blue waters of the ocean. As the sun rises , beach chairs are laid out on the beaches and tourists spend a relaxed day sunbathing.
Tourist out for a walk in the morning
Local Fishing Boat
Sunset at Bentota Beach


  1. Been wanting to go to Sri Lanka. I'm from Indonesia by the way. :)

  2. It is a beautiful place, though Indonesia has some of the best beaches.