Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vacationing in Bentota, Sri Lanka

A long weekend is a great opportunity for taking a break. Last week was one such opportunity and we headed for Bentota Beach in Sri Lanka. Though Colombo is just a 3 hour flight from Delhi, had never considered holidaying in Sri Lanka earlier - (what with the problems of insurgency and LTTE planting bombs at will !). The problem was that everyone else seemed to have the same idea and no hotel rooms were available. We were finally however able to book at the Taj Exotica on the beach. Arrived at Colombo airport in the afternoon to be met by the hotel staff ( very corteous and well informed driver and a nice comfortable Toyota Corolla car) to take us to Bentota - a 3 hour drive from the airport though the distance is just 80 Kms. The Sri Lankan countryside is very green and it is a pleasant drive winding through the small towns and fields to Bentota. Movement of traffic is slow because of the of the heavy traffic and small towns and villages that are on the way.A stopover coffee point on the way to Bentota
The route to Bentota from Colombo is along the sea cost. As you drive down to Bentota, the sea is never far from you and you can stop at the numerous eating places on the seaside and enjoy a cup of coffee or beer .
The Taj Exotica at Bentota
The Taj Exotica is a very well located hotel with a wide front facing the beach. We reached the hotel to a welcome of garlands and welcome drinks. The rooms are good sized with a terrace/balcony - ours was facing the sea and on the same level as the swimming pool. Couldn't wait and hit the beach as soon as check in was complete.
Bentota Beach at Dusk
The Bentota Beach is a clean white sand beach. No hawkers so no garbage, plastic bags and bottles. Great to walk on the beach barefooted. Our tiredness of travelling since the morning vanished with the cool and refreshing wind and the sound of the sea gently lapping the shores.

Anita enjoying a stroll through the water
View of the Sea Shore from our hotel balcony


  1. Beau-ti-ful! I wanna go, too! Thanks for sharing

  2. It is a beautiful place. I am sure you would love it.

  3. Seems a great place. Never seen a crab with such colors